Aruba condos for sale

Interested in buying properties in Aruba?

Foreigners and buying properties in Aruba?

Yes, there are no restrictions in buying properties in Aruba. The process of buying a property in Aruba is the same for foreigners and Aruba citizens.

Why should you buy properties in Aruba?

For investors, buying real estate offers an opportunity to buy relatively affordable properties in a great destination.
This is the same for condos; you own it to use it for a certain amount of time per year and put it for rent to generate income for you while you are not there.

How to buy properties in Aruba?

  1. The first thing is to start your search for a property.
  2. Decide if you are interested in a condo or a house. Learn their pros and cons.
  3. Find the property you like and make an offer.
  4. When the offer has been accepted, you’ll need to sign the sale/purchase agreement.
  5. A 10% deposit of the selling price is required and paid to the Notary.
  6. After approximately within 6 weeks, the notary will contact you to sign the deed and make the final payment>
  7. Pay the required taxes.

What are the fees?

Notary Fees

Notary fees amount to 2% of the purchase price.

Transfer Tax

Upon completion, there is a one-time Transfer Tax of up to 6% of the purchase price, depending on the property’s value.

Property Tax

There is also an annual property tax of 0.4% and land tax of US $0.85 per sq m or US $0.08 per square foot.

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