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Alto Vista Real Estate Aruba N.V. is a real estate company established in Aruba and locally owned. The team consists of local agents with different cultural backgrounds and is therefore multiple lingual which is in complete consistency with the multicultural mix of the Aruban population that reflects a rich past. It does not matter where you are coming from, only where we can bring you to!

At Alto Vista Real Estate we are committed to exceptional service and dedicate ourselves to accomplishing our client’s goals. We provide the most innovative, effective and experienced team that consistently deliver a sustainable and competitive advantage to our clients. We go beyond satisfying the real estate needs of our clients. We develop custom solutions designed for each individual we serve.

Integrity is not only the cornerstone of our philosophy, it guides everything we do. We take seriously our stated motto to always “do the right thing”, a commitment we hold steadfast for our clients and ourselves. It means keeping our promises and exceeding expectations, every single day.

Our Services

Our services covers the entire spectrum of the real estate market in Aruba including luxury accommodations, single-family homes, typical inland Cunucu houses, historical downtown buildings, condos, acreages, opportunities for shared ownership and commercial operations. Whether you are buying, selling or renting, we are ready to provide you professional assistance. Together we will explore and discover the lifestyle that is perfect for you. Browse through our list of properties, everyone will find something of interest. ! Even if we have to search in to other Caribbean islands or parts of the world, we gladly will activate our international network to help you!

The marketplace

The marketplace demands good timing and the team at Alto Vista Real Estate has designed their business model around safeguarding each client’s investment. We believe in doing business innovatively with an emphasis on honesty, integrity and loyal reliable service by implementing forward thinking and problem solving in-step with today’s market needs. Today’s marketplace and the growth opportunities in Aruba have created a demand for real estate brokers that not only understand the business of buying and selling, but also have a keen eye for development opportunities in the entire residential and commercial arenas.

The name Alto Vista

The name of our company is according to the aforementioned well selected. Alto Vista literally translated would be “high view”. With this kind of view we identified ourselves, continuously overlooking the entire real estate situation in Aruba from a higher point. Alto Vista is also the name of a village on the hills above the north shore in Aruba. Aforementioned village is well known for the little yellow Chapel of Alto Vista which is considered to be the birthplace of Aruba’s Catholic religion, the first Chapel to be built on the island by the Indians and the Spanish Pioneers over 250 years ago. The village that they had formed was given the name Alto Vista probably because of the nothing obstructing overlooking view from the hills.

Our mission

Our mission is to help our clients navigate the complexities of buying, selling or renting real estate by recommending creative, effective, and market driven strategies. We believe that by building a strong foundation around experience, teamwork, strategy, communication and commitment to our clients will allow us to expand and cultivate new business relationships in the markets that we serve. Our philosophy of partnership, mutual respect, honesty, open communication, enthusiasm, and teamwork is the bedrock for every relationship that we build, and client that we serve. Respect is not only a word for the present, but an attitude for the future. Our intent is to create more than a service/client relationship; we strive to combine our expertise and market knowledge with our client’s specific needs by creating value for the clients and providing a superior level of service.

Commitment for the Future

At Alto Vista Real Estate, we have pledged never to waiver from the principles on which our company was founded: to always exceed expectations, to conduct ourselves as outstanding corporate citizens and to never do anything other than the right thing by our clients. We will continue to explore innovative ways to accomplish these goals.


We hereby would like to invite you to call us for an introduction meeting at our offices and enjoy a presentation about our company combined with the already famous Alto Vista coffee and pastechi! Alto Vista Real Estate is the better way to start your Aruban Dream!

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Denis Bellei

Sales Associate


Phone:+( 297) 748 2706
Office: +(297) 563 3576

Erroll Henriquez



Phone: +(297) 592 3320
Office: +(297) 582 4492

Guido Arends

Sales Associate


Phone: +(297) 567 6857
Office: +(297) 582 4494


Angela Niño

Sales Associate


Phone:+(297) 593 7376
Office: +(297) 582 4494

Monica Niño

Sales Associate


Phone: +(297) 748 8972
Office: +(297) 582 4492

Lizzett Medina

Sales Associate


Phone: +(297) 660 9785
Office: +(297) 582 4492


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